In January there a few movies that bring the most attention at. We’ve decided to write more on them as you can watch them with Showbox app on your PC, Android or iOS.

Escape Room

Escape Room is a horror movie. It starts in early January and continues all up to February in theatres. Yet, it is available on Showbox for PC if you download and install app properly.

Horrors isn’t for everybody. Yet, this movie seems to overcome some traditional horror lines and come up with something new story-wise and character-wise. It features 6 new young actors that are eager to prove their acting abilities to climb Hollywood ladder in order to become famous and rich. We hope they will do good in the coming ears and the movie will be good horror experience who loves it the most.

A Dog’s Way Home

A Dog’s Way Home on the contrary, is a movie for all ages. It features a dog (what a surprise, eh?) that was separated with his owner and now tries to get back at home at all costs.

That’s a simple love story between an animal and a human and such stories need to continue in order to remind people that they are not alone in this world. And who are the best friends for all time? Right! Dogs!

The movies is featured in Showbox Apk App also for Android, PC, iOS and iPhone. Usually is it available in HD-quality (720p) but as time goes there is high chances it is going to be available in 1080p.

The Upside

The Upside is an American remake of a French movie called Untouchables or 1+1. The american version features Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston as well as Nikole Kidman.

This drama movie is all about friendship, caring and relations between older generation and younger one. Can they share some things in common? Do they have interesting things they can teach each other and improve their life with it? The movies asks some of these questions and it well-praised both by the critics and audience.

We hope you can enjoy this movie too with Showbox app that features The Upside in HD quality.


GLASS is the movie that every fan of M. Night Shyamalan must see. It features big actor trio such as Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy. These actors are big Hollywood movies stars that won’t play in some crappy movies.

Basically, this is another well-written drama story from a great visionary director Shyamalan. Actors featuring in the movie doing their best to make you belive into things their characters believe on the screen of your TV, Android or iOS device.

GLASS is the sequel to the highly praised and well-received by critics and general audience movie ‘Split’ that was released in 2016. Now Glass is about to repeat the same success as the first movie has.


Serenity is another horror-thriller movie that is coming out in January 2019. It features big Hollywood stars McConaughey and Anne Hathaway that are Academy Award winners.

This movie is coming to Showbox near end of January 2019 to your PC, iOS, Android or MacOS depending on where you isntall the app. APK file can be downloaded, links are at the main page of your website.