How to Download Showbox APK?

If you wonder how to download Showbox APK for your PC, Android, iOS or iMac computer or a tablet you’ve come to the right place. Here is guidelines that will help you download and install Showbox on any platform.

How to Download Showbox APK for PC

First off, you need to Download the apk-file that contains the application. The weight of the file is around 30 megabytes, depending on the version and compression level. To do this go to the Showbox for PC download page and click on the button to visit a page where you get the direct link for the file.

After you downloaded the file, you need to open it. Showbox doesn’t work for PC without any additional software. To make it work you can Google ‘How to open APK file on computer’, but if you are lazy to do so, go to Bluestacks official page and download the program. This program is designed to run apk-files on Windows (supports XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10).

After you downloaded the Bluestacks, open it and register a free account. When you set up the program account you will be able to open the file inside the program and install it on your desktop computer or laptop. Showbox will think that it is installed on Android phone, but in reality it will work on your computer run by Windows.

How to Download Showbox APK for Android

Downloading and installation Showbox on Android tablet or phone is easy-peasy, no additional software is require. Just follow Showbox APK link and then click on button ‘Download’. There you will get the apk package with the latest app version (currently 5.2.4).

After you downloaded the apk on your phone or tablet (you can download the file on your pc and then transfer it to your device via USB) tap on it, agree to the terms and click ‘Install’. Wait for a few seconds for the app to finish the installation process and now you have the access to the biggest library of shows and movies.

Beware, that you must have Android version at least 4.4. Also supported versions are 5.x., 6.x., 7.x and 8.x

How to Download Showbox for iOS

iOS is Apple-developed operation system that works with Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. Around 20-30% of the world mobile users use Apple products so that’s no surprise that there is a big demand for movies and shows on their devices. Showbox App fulfills this demand by providing the best user experience for iOS users.

To Download Showbox for a iOS phone or tablet you need to do more than just click on a link, download the file, install it on your device and enjoy free shows. There’s more to this. that’s why we wrote full guide on how to download and install Showbox on iOS iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How to Download Showbox for iMac

Showbox can be also installed on MacOS-based computers. The steps here are quite the same as if you were installed it on your Windows PC.

  1. Download the Showbox apk file.
  2. Download Android emulator on your iMac desktop or laptop.
  3. Install it following the installation wizard.
  4. Open Showbox APK in the emulator and run it.
  5. Enjoy the app on your MacOS computer!

For the full guide go to Showbox for iMac desktops and laptops page.

That are all guides on how to download Showbox APK and run it on your computer, phone run by Android or iOS. If there’s any change we will apdate the guide as soon as possible.