Showbox Alternatives: What are Apps Like Showbox?

What are Apps Like Showbox? Are there any free and safe Showbox alternatives in 2019? Check this guide to find more about apps like showbox.Showbox has become the best multimedia app for many users across the world. Doesn’t matter what device you use – a desktop computer or a laptop, an Android phone or a table, an iOS phone or a Apple OS-run tablet – you have heard about Showbox app that provides everyday access to the biggest movies and TV shows library. But what if the app gets shutdown? What then? What are other apps like Showbox that can be a good alternative for an user?

We searched all Internet to answer this question. And in this guide we collected all information we came across to present for you 5 free alternative apps for Android/iOS that have close UI and abilities like Showbox APK. Here they are:

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is an app that was developed around the same time as Showbox but it reached much less audience. But in the meantime, when Showbox gets more and lags and the availability of the app has dropped significantly, Popcorn Time apk could be a good solution for any Android or PC-user that wants to have a stable access to free movies and TV-shows.

Popcorn Time offers a big library of movies that gets constant updates. All movies are available in HD definition with superb sound quality.

The app works perfectly fine on Android devices and with some tricks it could be installed on PC and iOS phones and tablets. It is being constantly updated with new versions that guarantee faster downloading time, improved stability and better user experience. the community is growing as well so if you have any questions there is always someone who is willing to help.

Currently app in an open-beta stage of development but we believe that Popcorn Time will be released soon in 2019. By that time it has to become the best Showbox app alternative.


Kodi is the next app we can recommend for any Android or iOS user. It is extremely versatile and has a lot of functions that other apps lack of.

What makes it best among others? It can be easy installed both on Android or iOS mobile operating systems as well as PC. You don’t need any special skills or programs to run Kodi on your device apart from downloading it and clicking on ‘Install’ button. Plus, there are a bunch of addons you can customize the app with: choose the theme, main page and some other stuff.

Unfortunately, movies library is lacking some new major releases so that’s a disadvantage for those who always look for the latest film releases. If you don’t like much modern movies, then you definitely should look into the app as searching for a movie becomes even easier task. Hence, Kodi is a fine Showbox alternative.


MovieBox is the oldest app for Android and iOS that allows a user to watch free movies on their phone or tablet. It has thousands of movies that will be available for free after downloading and installing the app on your mobile device. And with Android emulator you can install it on your desktop computer to watch any movies for free on a big screen of your monitor or TV!

Installation is pretty straightforward: downlaod the apk file, open it on your phone and tap ‘Install’. You don’t need to give a root access or Jailbreak the Iphone as it works perfectly fine without it.

MovieBox has a very user-friendly interface. On the left there is a menu where you can choose what you want to watch: Trending movies and shows, Movies, TV Shows, News or New Releases. you can also add movies to your Favorites list to watch them later.

The app is praised by many Android and iOS users worldwide so that’s TOP#1 alternative to Showbox in case it gets shutdown.

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is another app for Android and iOS devices that is meant to ‘kill’ Showbox app and to become TOP#1 multimedia application worldwide. It offers the same features as Showbox:

  • Play a trailer
  • Downloading a movie
  • Streaming a movie
  • Downloading a movie with subtitles (apart from English there are German, French, Spanish, Chinese and other subtitles to choose from)
  • Open a file with other app like Chromecast
  • Copy streamable link to watch it later or at a different machine

But with the latest updates any Terrarium TV user can watch movies in 4K resolution. Not many movies are released in 4K, but in case you find one make yourself sure that you have a fast and stable Internet connection as 4K video files require 4-times faster Interned speed than 1080p.

Terrarium TV has a big promises and we will see if the developers can bring all they declare into real life. For now, Terrarium TV is a good alternative for Showbox and we can give it the second spot.


Cinema Box is the latest alternative we put in our list. It has a few features we do like that makes it as good as Showbox app. These features are:

  • Easy installation with no root access required.
  • Big library of TV shows and movies. However, not all movies that are available in Showbox app are here.
  • Films are in both 720p and 1080p quality. If you have slower Internet speed you can watch online movies in 720p without lags and breakdowns.
  • Users can rate movies from one to 5 stars.
  • Easy to navigate UI.

CinemaBox is also available for PC. To install it on PC you need any Android emulator. To get one google for ‘Android emulator for PC’ or just get Bluestacks.

That’s all best Showbox alternatives for Android, iOS or computer that we could find. We will update the guide when more and more apps will become like Showbox.

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