Showbox Not Working in 2019: Problems and Solutions

Showbox not working

Showbox not working in 2019? We have the latest updates on this issues as well as the latest available Showbox version which fixes all the mess.

Showbox if the perfect app an many regards. It has the biggest movie library in the world, the app is being regularly updated and users praise the developers for their efforts in bringing all their wishes to life. But sometimes things get not in a way everybody wants which leads to questions like ‘Why Showbox isn’t working?’, ‘Why do I get the error?’, ‘How to make Showbox app work?’ and many others. In this guide we will answer all this questions.

Showbox Not Working in 2019: Common Errors

But to fix the issue, first we must know what are the exact error that cause all this mess. Sometimes it’s hard to identify one, so we’ve collected the most common error that users may stumble upon errors.

I can’t Download Showbox APP!

Well, that depends on where you want to download it. On our website you find link to the latest Showbox APK version available on the Internet. This version works perfectly fine for Android, iOS and personal computers and is contains all fixes that were released since the day one of the app release. We check the availability of the app all the time and our statistics shows that Showbox uptime is around 95-99% of the time considering you upgraded to the latest version.

Showbox App Doesn’t Work

If you downloaded the app from our link and the app doesn’t work that we suggest you to carefully read installation instruction. If you’re trying to install Showbox on PC, you should visit Showbox for PC download and install page. In case you try installing the apk file on iOS phone or tablet, visit this page.

Video Files Aren’t Getting Downloaded

That’s the main reason why Showbox usually doesn’t work and returns an error. If this is the case, look down below for the possible solution.

Showbox Not Working in 2019: Troubleshooting

Case 1#. Movies aren’t getting downloaded.

First off, check your Internet connection. It should be stable and fast enough to download HD-quality video from Internet. If that’s not the case then move on to the next solution which is this:

Open Settings Menu of your phone. Go to Apps (Storage) and select ‘Showbox‘. Select¬† ‘Clear data‘ and ‘Clear cache‘:

That should help you with not working Showbox.

Case 2#.¬†Error ‘Video not available. Try another server.’

In this case you need to change server from which you want to download the movie you want to watch. Showbox is the semi-illegal app and sometimes their servers are shutdown. To avoid this error you must open Settings in Showbox and click on a server name. The list of servers will open up where you can choose from where you will download the video.

Case 3#. Showbox has stopped working Error.

Update the Showbox to the latest version. Alternatively, you can download the app from a link provided on your main page.

Case 4#. When I open the Showbox I get blank screen.

That’s the worst-case scenario. It means that Showbox app is temporarily blocked. How long it will take to recover nobody knows, but usually it’s a matter of hours. If this is the case you can enjoy some other activities or look for Showbox alternatives.