Showbox On Roku: The Complete Installation Guide

Showbox on roku tv

Welcome to our guide ‘How to cast Showbox on Roku‘. Detailed steps of downloading Showbox and installing it on Roku are provided down below.


Showbox is the best app when it comes to watching movies. Originally, the app was developed to use only on Android smartphones with support of APK-files. But as time went by, more and more users experienced quality of the app thus leading to developing Android emulators for personal desktop computers and laptops. Later, Showbox app became available for iOS users (iPhone, iPad, iPod) that also wanted HD movies for free. And now time has come to watch movies on a big screen with Roku TV.

What is Roku TV? This is a device that has a stick and a receiver. It allows to connect your device with Roku that will display video files on a screen of our TV. Connection a device with the TV is called ‘casting’. That’s what we’re going to do cast Showbox on Roku TV!

How to Cast Showbox on Roku TV

Showbox on Roku TV can stream a movie in two ways: as an one-time app and as a default application for streaming. We cover both of them down below. But before that make sure you Download the latest Showbox APK file.

Streaming a Movie with Roku

  • Connect Android phone with installed Showbox app to the same WiFi network your TV connected.
  • Go to the Roku TV settings and select Screen Mirror option. This will establish a connection between the app and Roku TV.
  • To avoid any mistakes, go to the Navigation tab in Roku settings and select ‘Cast’ tab. See if streaming of digital content is allowed. Enable it if it’s not. This is necessary to cast Showbox on Roku, otherwise app won’t be able to connect to the device.
  • Now you need to choose Roku TV as your receiver in your phone. To do this see if any notification appeared on your phone. If you see it than pull the notification down and select Roku TV.
  • Now everything you see on a screen of your Android (or iOS) phone is duplicated at the screen of your TV. Enjoy free movies in high quality with good sound!

That’s the best option of you don’t watch movies too often on a big screen. The next option will work for those who watch shows and films on a daily basis and don’t want to spend time manually setting up the app all the time.

Installing Roku TV on Showbox App

It might seems hard to do at first but next time you won’t need to connect Showbox app with Roku. Just follow the instruction down below and you should be fine.

First off, connect your Roku TV and Showbox app. The steps are the same: download Showbox (if you didn’t do it yet), enable streaming and select the Screen Mirror option in Roku TV.

  • Now you need to download a special app named All Screen. You can find it on Google Play.
  • After you downloaded the app, run it and it will start looking for any available connections. It should find the Roku TV if you set it previously.
  • Select this device and wait until both your phone and TV will pair. It may take a several seconds.
  • Now open Showbox, go find any movie to watch and when it will ask what media player to use select All Screen app.
  • Now all movies you will watch on Android phone are automatically casted on your Roku TV.

This the easiest ways on how to cast Showbox on Roku. Many movie geeks prefer the second option as it require one-time installation after which you don’t need to do anything extra when you watch a movie the next time.

That was the complete installation guide. We hope you enjoyed that and movies you are going to watch with Roku TV.