Is Showbox Legal?

Is Showbox app legal? That’s the question users ask when they download the app. We checked a few cases to see if Showbox is legal or not.Showbox app is a free application developed for Android. It allow a user to download and watch movies and TV shows for free, without paying any money for the content. Modern streaming services like Hulu or Netflix provide on a daily basis as well but you have to pay for the content. Showbox is a free app that has no subscription plans and all content is distributed freely.

Since it release in 2015 the app became more and more popular. At some point it even outperformed famous MovieBox app that was developed for iOS. Since then Showbox became available on PC, tablets and iOS smartphones. This popularity has started bringing attention not from users only but from lawmakers and big TV and movie production companies as well.

As you can guess, movie companies doesn’t like when somebody distribute their movies and shows for free. They put a lot of money into production their blockbusters and don’t like when any Android, PC or iOS user can download Showbox APK and enjoy free content that cost so much money to make it. Obviously, Showbox app isn’t legal.

In the past few years Showbox app became a phenomenon with more and more people started downloading and streaming movies for free without any payment. That couldn’t last forever. In May of 2018 Showbox app developer Andrew Crow and co-founder Mark Willow were sued by a group of companies that account for legal issues regarding Hollywood movies. The main website was shut down and it is still unavailable. Also some other website owners that promoted Showbox were warned to delete the illegal apk from their servers. This case has lead to the biggest Showbox lockdown ever seen in the history. After a while the app recovered but it was just the beginning.

The next strike was in Summer when the same companies targeted a few biggest distributors of Showbox App. Some of the websites were shutdown, others had to delete links or apk files they promoted. From that moment most other sites started to advice user not to download app as lawmakers can see their IP thus giving them an ability to sue anybody who watches free movies illegally.

Obviously, companies won’t sue everyone of several million users that watched and continue watching Showbox on their smartphones, computers and tablets. But the possibility of getting sued for such thing doesn’t sound good for anybody as the app isn’t safe in terms of law. Not many want to take a risk of being sued by simply watching movies for free. In this case it’s better to use legal apps of services that provide even better quality for small payment of 10-20 bucks per month.

We don’t know how long Showbox is going to stand against copyright holders. It may be a day, a month or a few years. Nobody knows that – Showbox isn’t legal. So if you’re planning to download the app right now maybe you should to look into some Showbox alternatives?