Showbox on Firestick: Installing the App in 1 Minute

Showbox on Firestick

This is a quick guide on how to install Showbox on Firestick in a matter of minutes. Download Showbox and install it on Fire Stick!Showbox is a popular app for Android, PC, iOS and other devices that allows a user to search for movies and watch them freely. It was developed a few years ago and the app is still in active phrase of development so this guide is going to be updated if any changes applied. Anyway, movies are coming out every day and many people can’t live without watching them so here’s a guide on how to install Showbox on Fire Stick TV in a matter of minutes.

Showbox on Firestick: Installation Guide

To get Showbox working of Firestick you need to establish a connection between the two at first. We’re going to configure Fire stick first and then move to the app.

Enabling Firestick for Showbox

Open Firestick and navigate from the main menu to Settings:

From the following options pick and open Device:

Then find Developer options and click on them:

In the latest menu go to Apps from Unknown Sources. This option allows installation of apps that are not stored in Apple Store. If you see ON below the text you don’t need to do anything. If the text says OFF then click on the option:

Now you need to confirm the action. The message will say that with enabling Apps from Unknown Sources from not confirmed by Apple sources your FireStick is not protected and you might expect unexpected behavior. But with Showbox there is nothing to expect except for a big movie library as millions of users use the app and consider it the best.

Click on ‘Turn On’ button:

When Fire Stick TV is configured it’s time to install Showbox on it.

Open any browser on Showbox. You may use Firefox for this action or Silk Browser.

Go to the page Download Showbox APK. There you will find a link to the Showbox app file download.

When installing the app a message about Google Services dependencies may appear that will say that Showbox may not work on Firestick. Don’t mind it. Click on ‘Install’ button and wait until the process is complete:

Notification will pop-up saying that Showbox is installed. Click ‘Open’ to start the app.

How to Make Work Showbox on FireStick TV?

Showbox wasn’t designed to work on Fire Stick: you can’t navigate the app with it. To make the app work we need to do one more thing: install an app that emulate a mouse and works with Fire TV.

Mouse Toggle can be installed via official Fire Stick app store. Navigate to the store and install the app. When it’s installed you need to enable the mouse. It can be done by quick double click on Play/Pause button of your remote.

Now a mouse toggle will appear on the screen. With this pointer you can easily navigate Showbox, select movies, shows, change settings, add to favorites, rate the content etc. Enjoy free movies now on Firestick TV!