Is Showbox Safe In 2019?

Showbox app is back! But is it safe for users in 2019? There are different opinions on this matter and we are going to dig deep to find the truth.Previous year was a hard challenge for Showbox app. It had a few legal issues as well as lockdowns. Apart from being sued by different companies for distribution free movies and tv shows the competition among other app has increased greatly. Many other apps were developed to beat Showbox dominance as the best entertainment app. Many of these applications we reviewed at Apps Like Showbox page.

But back to the topic. Can we say that Showbox app is safe? The answer would be both.

In terms of general safety, Showbox app is completely safe. It does’t feature any mailware, spyware or maining software. In all the history there was not one confirmed issue that was caused by the application. In this regard Showbox is safe for users and anyone can use it without any fear of their data being stolen or their phone (or other device) broken or hacked.

But what about legal issues? In this regard Showbox isn’t considered safe. You see, when a user watches a movies or a tv show with the app, the video file or it’s parts is stored at a user’s phone, tablet or whatever. Even if you didn’t download a movie, to play it on your device some of its parts must be downloaded anyway. If you clear the cache manually or with a special app you can delete them but data on Showbox servers is stored anyway, for some time. And if lawmakers want to shutdown the app completely, they might get access to the data that contain dates, IPs, files etc.

If you want be secured when watch any content with Showbox you should consider using safe VPN provider. It will cloak all your traffic from PC, phone, laptop or tablet thus if somebody get access to IP data, it won’t show your IP but the VPN.

If you use VPN there’s little chance that anybody ever will find your real IP-adress. Thus, Showbox becomes a completely safe app.