Showbox FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have a question about Showbox App? Check this FAQ to help yourself out:

What is the latest version of Showbox app?

Currently the latest version of Showbox apk is 5.24.

Does Showbox work only on Android phones?

Yes and no. Originally it was created to work only on Android devices (phones, tablets etc.) but with emulators you can run it on PC (see Download Showbox for PC), iMac, iPhone and other operating systems and devices.

It is safe?

Showbox app is safe in any way possible. No spyware or malware is installed with Showbox.

Is Showbox Legal?

Showbox isn’t a legal app for an end user. That’s why it is not available in Google Play or Apple Store.

Is Showbox free?

Yes, it’s completely free app for watching movies.

Where do I can download Showbox APK?

You can Download Showbox APK from here.

How to install Showbox?

Depending on your device your installation guide is different. In any case, you should download Showbox APK first.

What are user reviews about the app?

Many users claim that they using Showbox app on a daily basis. There is information (we didn’t verify it yet) that Showbox is used by 1 BILLION 100 million users worldwide! that makes it one of the most popular appĀ  for Android/iOS today, on par with the famous AR game Pokemon Go! That’s almost 1/5 of a world population! This number even it is exaggerated, says everything about mobile users reviews and attitude towards Showbox app.

Why I can’t find Showbox in my App Store or Play Store?

Unfortunately, Showbox was deleted from official stores as it didn’t follow some rules. However you can find download link on our website.

How frequently Showbox is being updated?

Showbox receive regular updates. Don’t forget to install it.

I can’t update my Showbox app! It’s giving me an update error!

To fix an update error go to app setting and chose Clear cache.

What movies can I watch in Showbox?

Every movies you heard of, seen of different genres etc. Showbox has one of the biggest movie library in the world among other apps. Be sure that in Showbox you will find any movie you’re looking for.

Dos Showbox offer only movies to watch?

Not only movies but tv-shows and series as well. Showbox offers a thousands of movies and tv-shows that are completely free of charge.

How about video quality?

All movies and shows are available in HD-quality.

Can I save movie or show on my phone/pc and watch it later?

Yes, you can do that. But be sure to have a free space on your device to save a movie or a show.

Are subtitles available for movies?

Yes, you can watch a movie with subtitles. To do that you need download them from a website. Click on a movie name and select subtitles in a language you need.

I’m getting ‘Loosing Connection’ Error. How to fix it?

Check internet availability and a free space on your device.